Anya Marnet | Abstract Artist

About the Artist

A bare canvas is full of expectancy. There is nothing that compares to the joy of transforming it into a work of art, creating beauty in the form of colour, texture and energy – with just a few pots of paint. This process of creation is simply “soul work” and is the reason that I paint.

Many of my paintings capture the rhythms of nature. Colours, texture and movement work together in harmony with many layers of visual intrigue – similar to a symphony orchestra that works together to create a single experience: An experience that can be enjoyed over and over as new nuances are discovered.

I was born in Germany, grew up in North Vancouver, spent most of my adult life in Ontario. Now I’m living back in North Vancouver and loving being back here.

It is with great joy that I create beautiful, distinctive paintings with the hope that my works will bring happiness to another human being.

– Anya Marnet

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Anya Marnet